Wearing Natural Fabrics and Its Benefits

Wearing Natural Fabrics and Its Benefits

Posted by Nilgun Auriemma on Feb 2nd 2023

The need to cover up our bodies comes from ancient times. Whatever the reasoning is, from protecting our body and skin from cold or hot, trying to look good and appealing or religious and spiritual reasons, humanity always used some type of material to cover up part of their body. When it comes to modern life and modern technology, in the last few decades we invented new fibers and materials to make clothing and other accessories. We started using petroleum based polymers to make fibers and fabrics. These polymers have a different frequency than the natural polymers that are grown in soil or comes from an animal. 

The frequency is something we use to call the vibration of the object. Everything in universe has a frequency and everything around us interact with our frequency, either to reduce it or to increase it. When you think from this perspective, things that increase our frequency could be considered good for our physical and mental health and we would want to be around these “things” more than the others. When it comes to textiles or fabrics, the ones made with natural fibers and least processed are the ones we should prefer to wear.

Linen (and wool) is said to have the highest frequency of all the natural fibers which is around 5000 hz. Linen is a very special fabric and the fibers are made out of flax plant that grows largely in Europe. Most of the linen fiber is produced using techniques that were used in ancient times. The fibers don’t usually get exposed to chemicals during the process and most of the time they can be certified as organic easily. Of course depending on the finishing processes, this would change.

Linen has the ability to adapt to the environment, meaning it will help you keep warm or cool when the opposite climate exists. That’s why it has been a preferred fabric for centuries.

Linen fiber is also very durable. When taken cared well, it will last for a long time. Linen absorbs more moisture than cotton also so it makes it a good fabric to wear when you know you will sweat a lot. The fabric itself might be little stiffer then the cotton or wool. So you can look for the options that says washed linen. The special washing procedure softens the fibers and makes it feeling more comfortable on the skin.

My favorite way to use linen is on the beach as a kaftan over my swimsuit or a beach towel (peshtemal) as they feel very cooling even though it ti screaming hot.

Cotton is another great fiber used very widely. Even though linen is my favorite, I love cotton as well. Cotton is very absorbent too, not as good as linen. Cotton is also very soft and feels good on skin and can be used in variety of ways. It has a frequency that resonates with our body’s frequency as well. So it makes us feel good. On the other side synthetic fibers can mess with our frequency and might make us feel stressed, lethargic and unmotivated.

Silk and wool are also great options to consider. They are animal based so it might not be preferred by everyone. They also have great properties and good for our health.

Natural fibers are;



Naturally hypoallergenic

Silk slows down aging

Silk and Wool are resistant to mold