Your life will be simple, pure and natural, right here, now... 

Our mission is to help people to live their best lives where they can just "be" with the most comfortable clothing and wellness products. 

The idea of Simpuna was born with the inspiration that in this complicated world we need more simplicity in our daily lives. We need things to be pure, we need things that are interconnected with nature. 

That's how we created the name SIM-PU-NA, Simple, Pure, Natural and the brand's mission. It is not only how the product is made, it is also how it makes you feel... We wanted to make products that will give you the feeling of being in nature... The colors, the textures, the touch, the styles... When you wear one of our pieces, you feel like you belong to nature and everything is pure and simple and appealing to your senses... The yarns and fabric designs we chose to make these styles blend flawlessly with Mother Earth... Sun, moon, soil, plants, air, oceans, fire, they all have a place in these attractive designs and our healing pieces which will come in our website later on... We are reminding you that we all are free souls just like the Mother Nature made us to be... and everything is within us... We just have to bring it to light... 


Everybody can find a part of themselves in our collections. We come from nature and we belong to nature... and you will discover Mother Nature from a different dimension here..


"Shine like the whole universe is yours." - Rumi


I am a nature lover, health enthusiast, material inventor, and world traveler. I have been in the textile world since 1995. I started designing clothing while playing with my Barbie dolls in my childhood years. My mom used to sew our clothes when I was a little child and seeing her working on different types of fabrics and clothing inspired me to do the same but on a small scale at the time :) I used to get those fabric clippings and sew dresses for my dolls. I used to keep the old socks because they were very handy for making certain outfits. This continued for a while until school work got so busy and I got too old to play with dolls. I then got into drawing and designing patterns and making different objects using many natural materials I collected from nature. I then decided to attend a vocational high school about textile design where I formally started learning about textiles and manufacturing technologies. During the high school year, art classes were also the main part of our school work to help us gain creativity and inspiration. 

We were instructed to go out in nature and observe shapes, colors, patterns and visit archeological museums in order to help us with creating our own designs. My major was designing printing and weaving patterns and started to work as an intern at a textile printing plant and then an embroidery company designing patterns. I continued my interest in textiles and attended college majoring in textile engineering learning more about the technical part of the trade. During college years, I did many internships learning about different manufacturing techniques and materials. 


After graduating, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be on the invention and research side of things because I loved learning new things and solving a problem and fulfilling a need in the world. I did my MBA in technology and innovation management. I worked on a project to start up a research and development center to help small and medium size enterprises to do product development. This experience helped me to work with different machines and types of products and raw materials. 


I then got into the medical and hygiene textiles industry and started researching a lot about health ailments, from cancer to diabetes to heart problems to skin issues, since we were developing products to treat illnesses related to these. Inventing or developing products for health also steered me to another direction and I went to school and became a certified integrative nutrition health and Ayurveda wellness coach. My love for textiles never ended and I always liked the special and natural fabrics that made you feel at home. This is how I came up with the idea of Simpuna. I asked myself how to combine health and textiles together in a way that I can reach many people easily without being on the technical side where I worked on medical textiles. 


Simpuna was born with my passion for comfort, minimalism and mindfulness. Today I am a Health Coach using integrative nutrition and Ayurvedic methods to help people to find their way to healing and self-sufficient lifestyle while offering them products under the Simpuna brand. I am so happy that I found my life’s purpose and will continue to learn new things and create new products and share these products and knowledge with other people to help them live their highest potential.