Crystals and Their Power

Posted by Nilgun Auriemma on Feb 2nd 2023

Have you ever seen a mountain under the sunset and it looked like it had so many sparkles on it? A lot of the time, that is not really your imagination or the sunlight doing you a trick. They are most likely some sort of semi precious stone or a crystal exposed from the earth and blinking at you.

One day, I was watching this documentary about two guys going all over hunting for crystals. And first, I thought it would be impossible. In my mind, they can’t find crystals like that, you had to dig big holes in the dirt and dig some more down and deep and mine for all those crystals. When I saw that, they found all these rocks and crack them open to see the crystal in them, I was so impressed. Was I impressed with them or the planet we live in? I think it was both. Latter one was more impressive of course. Why I told you this story, I will come back to that later.I have a huge interest about nature since I was little. I always went outside and collect things from nature to make things. I collected tree barks, leaves, moss, rocks, sticks, soil, sand, sea shells, you name it. I used to put them together to make boxes, decorate things, make 3D art, etc. I was mesmerized by the way they looked. I was like “who came up with these colors, shades, designs…” I was always impressed. As I grew up, I learned more and more things about nature and I also got into crystals. I started buying them or buying jewelry made with them. There are so many kinds and of course, I never knew all of their power and I still don’t know all of them but I am learning everyday.

Then I started learning about quantum physics and us human beings or I should say everything being energy. Everything, water, air, fire, rocks, birds, cars, our cells, light, even our thoughts being energy. Not consciously but unconsciously, I think my brain started to put the puzzle together and one day to say “I now got it”. If everything is energy as well as humans, then these crystals that get my attention are energy as well. So I started thinking, why the creator created these beautiful crystals, since everything has a reason to be in this life, in this universe. So of course, I started reading more, researching more and being a researcher for the last 15 years fueled me as well. I started learning more about them. They all have a purpose and they all have special powers.

I use them daily all over the house for different purposes. I have rose quartz in the house, I have selenite, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, shungite, black tourmaline, obsidian, jasper, hematite, moonstone, tiger’s eye, pyrite, malachite, smokey quartz, onyx, fluorite, aventurine, amethyst, nuummite, citrine…

For example, clear quartz is an energy cleaning crystal. It is great to use to clear the negative energies and thoughts in the environment with this stone. It is very sensitive and it will collect all the energies on it so it is important to clean it each time before you use it. It is great to clean chakras with and remove unbalanced energy. You can place them on your chakra points with the intent to clean and balance them. Because of its cleaning powers, it also helps clear acne. You can massage your skin with this stone.

Rose quartz is the LOVE crystal. It is related to your heart chakra. It can help opening up your hearth chakra and clearing negative energies. It helps you accept the things happening in your life as they are that you have no control over or cannot control. It helps the skin with improving circulation when you use it as a massage tool. It can also help grounding us.Amethyst is believed to provide a connection to the Divine. Amethyst has a high energy and it clears the aura of negative energies and creates a shield of light around to body for protection. It also stimulates the third eye and crown chakras. It helps with creativity and acting on new projects and ideas. It is a healing stone as well so it can be used to heal blood disorders, digestive issues, heart and stomach issues. It can be used to stimulate sympathetic nervous system and endocrine glands to improve their performance.

I will talk about more crystals later on in my other blog articles.Okay, coming back to the beginning of the story, so if these crystals all over around us all the time, then I was thinking that they always help us in any way possible. As they reflect their frequency on us, they are changing our lives in a way that makes us live our higher potential.

Another memory I have, one day we were at a friend’s house. They showed us a mountain behind their house. It was in the afternoon and sun was setting so there was some sun light only on one part of the mountain. Then they showed us a picture of the same mountain when the sun raises from the other side that illuminates the whole side of the mountain that was on their side. The mountain looked almost lime green and almost sparkly shiny. Then they showed us another picture taken another day and the same look. It was summer at the time so we thought it was the color of the dried flowers and plants mixed with the ones that were still green. Then they showed us another picture taken in winter, it still looked the same. And we were looking at the mountain with our bare eyes and it was all grey and rocky. There is definitely a crystal mine in that mountain creating that color. They also talked about the calm and peaceful feeling living there in that house and everything grows very quickly in their garden. Next time, I get a chance to go there, I am going to climb that mountain and collect some rocks and maybe I can update this blog and let you know what type of crystal I find.